September Goals & Posting Update

I know it’s a few days late to be posting about monthly goals but alas I’ve struggled to get my blog to co-operate this past week. It appears some underwater internet cables were damaged recently and the process to fix them could take up to 8 weeks. Meaning Australian internet will be spotty until the end of October. Not the best news to learn in my 1st month of blogging. But if life didn’t throw us curveballs it wouldn’t be fun.

As such my blog posting will be very spotty for the next 2 months. I’m going to try my best to schedule as many posts as I can when my blog decides to co-operate with me and let me create posts. I cannot guarantee I’ll have regular posts but I’ll definitely make up for it once my blog is fully accessible again and my internet has returned to normal.

I have a new post schedule that’ll take effect immediately, but definitely from November. I’m intending on posting each Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. I’ve moved Tech Tuesday’s to the first Tuesday of each month, as I’ve missed September I’ll begin in October. I’m also planning a Blogging Series that’ll begin next Wednesday *fingers crossed*.

My Goals For September

  • Get better at scheduling posts to future proof my blog
  • Find a delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe
  • Spring clean my workspace
  • Overhaul my wardrobe for Spring

Do you have any goals for the month?

  • Yagmur_DK

    Best of luck with your blog.. so far, it is really good and I love your photography skills. I’ll be tuning in <3

  • Found your blog through a comment you wrote on apairandasparediy – just wanted to show my support for your blog. It looks great and I love your content! Keep going!

    xo, Nerelle