5 Youtubers I’m Loving Right Now

1. Lavendaire

I haven’t been watching Aileen’s vids for that long but I wish I had found her sooner. Her vids are super inspirational and she has occasional guests in different fields. I cannot recommend her vids enough if you’re looking for regular advice, inspiration and clarity.She focuses on life, mental health, inspiration, helpful vids and monthly favourites.

2. Hayley Page

I’ve been a viewer of Hayley’s vids for a while now. Long before she had her darling little girl. I’ve watched her channel morph from a beauty and fashion focus into a motherhood focus. I’d recommend her channel to any woman currently pregnant or new mums. She’s relatable and honest and her little girl is so precious. She focuses on beauty, fashion, cleaning, food, motherhood and does regular Q&A’s with her hubby.

3. Kalyn Nicholson

I’ve been watching Kalyn’s vids for about a year. I can relate on so many levels, especially from an anxiety stand point. Her vids are super cool, helpful and I love the inspirational quotes she uses at the start of every vid. She focuses on routines, decor, vegan food, fashion and her life.

4. Rachel Lee

Rachel is another Youtuber I only found recently but I’m already a fan of her vids. She’s all about organisation and there are vids for everything you could think of. From home to food, home office to school. Her vids are super informative and helpful and I’d totally recommend her if you’re into organisation. She focuses on food, home, office, school, cleaning, fashion, beauty and routines.

5. From Head To Toe

I’ve been a viewer of Jen’s channel for a few months now. Like Hayley, she’s a new mum and it’s been cool to see her little girl grow. She’s a beauty blogger with super informative vids. She focuses on beauty, fashion, motherhood and monthly favourites.

Who are your favourite Youtubers?